A blog is a web site where you write brief articles about your selected topic on a consistent basis. New articles appear at the top, so your visitors can easily read what’s new. People who read your blog may leave you a “comment” or response to your article, while others may link to it or email you privately. Blog software makes it easy to frequently add new articles to your blog and for visitors to comment or link to your article.

Your blog is whatever you want it to be and there are no formal rules about what you write about on your blog. Some blogs are personal diaries, while others are a daily pulpit. Still others can be collaborative spaces, political soapboxs, breaking-news outlets or a collection of links. Blogs a


Blogs and commenting …

  • Talk about your organization, work, or issue areas
  • Makes your voice more findable by others who are talking (good and bad)
  • Provide opportunities for people to engage in dialgoue with your issues, work, or organization

Some Great Examples of Blogs

Netsquared Case Studies

Advice On Selecting Blogging Software

Idealware has published an excellent report, “Getting Started with Blogging Software.” It covers eight different blogging software commonly used by nonprofits or individuals who work with nonprofits. It guides you through features and helps you choose which is best for you.

Three Good Blogging Software Choices

Read what the Idealware Report had to say about Blogger

Read what the Idealware Report had to say about WordPress

Read what the Idealware Report had to say about LiveJournal

Remember: Your First Step Isn’t A Blog – It’s To Comment

Some people jump right in and set up a blog because it is easy to do. However, there is nothing wrong with a taking a slower approach. First, find a few blogs that cover the topic you’re interested in, start reading them, and leave comments. (You can easily find blog with a Google Search as blogs tend to turn up first in the search engine or you can browse through the Technorati BlogFinder.)

Once you are ready to start your blog, here are some questions you need to think about:

* What do I want to write about?
* What topics will my blog cover?
* Who am I writing for?
* What should I name my blog?

Some advice on making the workflow of blogging efficient.

Advice on Writing a Successful Blog

Here’s what you need to be successful:

A clear message, voice or point of viewWhy are you writing about your topic?
An Obvious Need – Will you be contributing something unique to the space?
A Clear GoalWhat are you going to write about? Is your focus narrow or broad? Personal or professional?
A Strong Commitment – You don’t have to write dozens of articles a day, but you need to be consistent.
An Audience – By answering all the above, you will build an audience. Here’s some more advice on building your blog’s community of readers.

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